Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Ugh! Sometimes people on TS3 really annoy me!

You know one thing I can't stand that site? The one reason I'm trying to keep off it now..

People complaining about stupid things that makes their life "hard" I'm sorry, But My life's hard enough to the point where I won't post it out on the sims site, You know why? Because it's that bad some people won't even believe it's real.

Alright, If you have a legitimate reason to be complaining or ranting there fine, But please don't complain about your life being hard when your Sister has either, Stole your favourite top, Your mum or dad has shouted at you or someone's called you a silly name! Sometimes I really swear people do it just for the gifts! God, I feel GUILTY when I receive a gift because I can't get you anything back!

Believe me there's people with worse lives out there including me. Just think about that next time you decide to complain about a pathetic thing. Yes, this is Maniac and Yes I tend to rant alot.

On another note, here's a dragon, because I love dragons.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Anettesb Christmas Wheel 2012

The Christmas Wheel is back for another festive season of fun!

A wonderful of the member of the community anettesb is hosting another game of the christmas wheel this year!

Come see the post about it here:

You can vote on what you would like to happen here: (Virus free! no download needed) Once you have voted please post in the threads link above and quote the post so we know what you are talking about :]

Here are some examples of last years pictures created by the community:

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Come join in the christmas fun ^.^

It's that time of year again guys! Don't forget to get your letter in early.. Sign ups close on the 31st!
We have another wonderful host :]

Monday, 23 July 2012

A little poem I did for a competition :}

I've been busy recently so I haven't really had time to create anything. Plus, I've had to un-install all my games :\ The crashing was getting beyond a joke! Going to re-install them sometime this week. Anywho, here's a poem I wrote for a writing competition on the TS3 site. :]

  'I am The monster.' 

 Let me tell you a tale, 
of why I dred the time 
When the moon becomes a whole. 

 Moonlight might be beautiful, 
 but to me its a curse.
 I become something I used to be scared of, 
 as a small child. 

 For I become the monster,
 that roams this land at night. 
 I am the monster, 
 that you dred to see.
 I am the monster 
 that left the footprints in the tree's. 

 I am the monster, 
 that howls in the wind. 
 I am the monster,
 that haunts your dreams. 

I am the monster, 
 That lurks in the tree's. 
 For I become a werewolf, 
 when the moon becomes a whole.

The competition can be found here:
The competition does not close until the 19th of August so come and Join in the fun :]

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Three New Patterns!

I have uploaded three casino inspired Patterns today, In preparation for when I start my casino in the holidays.
Casino Pattern number one can be downloaded at this link: .
Casino Pattern two can be downloaded at the following link: .
This is my favorite one of all three! You can download this one here: . Enjoy and Happy Simming! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! - Maniac